About Sand Trays Etc.

The sandtrays and rolling carts I make are used by a wide assortment of therapists, counsellors, and mental health professionals. Many of my clients are active in the field of sandplay therapy, which is a recognized therapy used with children as well as adults. Sandplay therapy is based on the psychology of C.G. Jung.  Many wonderful videos and articles can be found online on this growing type of therapy.

My sand trays are made to meet the specific dimensional requirements as established by the Swiss psychotherapist and teacher  Dora Kalff in the 1950’s, and this is why the interior dimensions of my trays are precisely 28.5” x 19.5” x 3” – unless otherwise requested.  The interior surfaces of all of my sandtrays are also finished in 7 coats of a waterproof sky-blue marine finish, ensuring compatibility for use with wet sand as well as durability.

My sand trays and rolling carts are also used by many child and family therapists, school counsellors, play therapists, and mental health professionals in general, who understand that sand is a wonderfully effective medium for therapy.

As a cabinet builder who has been creating ‘special-order’ items for over 25 years, I had been approached several times to build sand trays for friends who are therapists. This is how I became aware that for many therapists who use these therapeutic tools, they can be difficult to find.  As a result many therapists use plastic or rubber utility storage boxes, or come up with other improvised solutions. This is the reason I started Sand Trays Etc., and I have been happily shipping sandtrays and rolling carts all over Canada and the US ever since.

As with most of the furniture I build, my sand trays and rolling carts are made primarily with re-claimed and previously used wood*, which I source from building demolition sites, discarded solid-wood furniture, and hardwoods found to be excess to the needs of other building contractors. To learn more about how I work with these materials please visit the “Building with Re-claimed Wood” page of this website.

* My Baltic Birch sand trays are the only trays I make that are made entirely from new materials.

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Greg Z



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