Sand Trays Etc. is a Canadian builder of sand trays and rolling carts.

Shop owner Greg is a cabinet maker with over 30 years experience building special-order and unique projects who turned his attention exclusively to rolling carts, stands, and other ‘tools’ for the playroom more than 12 years ago. His sand trays and rolling carts are now shipped to mental health providers all across North America.

The majority of sand trays built here are waterproofed and therefore suitable for use with wet sand, using a process similar to that used on wooden-hulled boats. (We do offer one ‘dry-only’ sand tray that is suited for use with dry sand and available at a lower cost than the ‘wet’ trays.)

We build our sand trays and rolling carts in a variety of materials, including oak, maple, birch, fir, and bamboo, as well as a special order cedar tray – please ask.

All of the sand trays and carts from this workshop are built with the intention that they will never need to be replaced.

Special orders and requests are welcomed!


Greg Zachernuk of SandTrays in a suit
Greg saying Hey, why are you all dressed up Come back here. There’s work to be done!

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