21 inch Folding Stand Without Removable Top



(This is the same stand as our Folding “X”- style stand  but without the removable top.  You can read about this same stand but with the removable top  here.)

Despite the advantages of a folding stand such as portability and easy storage, if poorly designed they can be wobbly and unstable. The design of our “X” stand is a result of some very persistent customers requesting a design for a stand that will provide a safe and stable base for a loaded sand tray.

This stand sits at ~21″ high (coffee table height) and  will give a lifetime of service, not loosen or become unstable over time.  It has many features that ensure this stability, such as 3 recessed cross braces and a hardwood 1″ diameter centre axle that  rotates only in 2 of the 4 legs, reducing wear on the moving part of the stand significantly. (this wear-on-the-axle is a major cause of “X”style stands becoming wobbly.)

The stand is sized so that a standard Kalffian tray will ‘overhang’ the open stand and be held in place firmly by the 1/4″ perimeter lip on the underside of our trays (and many others – but if your tray is not one of ours please check with us before placing an order.)

Please note that one of these pictures is of the stand and one sand tray sitting on the stand. This is for demonstrating how these two separately sold items work together. All of our stands and trays are sold separately – gzstand alone 3 stand alone

stand alone 4

scissor detail3 scissor detail2 scissor detail

If you are ordering this stand but do not require the removable top you can place your order here, the stand alone sells for $249.00.

If you require both the stand and the removable top please place your order here.

We make these stands in limited quantities so it is important that you check with us to confirm availability and possible wait times. Thank you!

Additional information

Weight14 kg
Dimensions76 × 76 × 13 cm


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