Sand Tray: Fir, Pine. Fingerjoined



We make sand trays in a variety of woods, in addition to our oak and Baltic Birch plywood sand trays.

The sand trays on this page are commonly made from fir, hemlock,  pine, and other woods as they become available. Please ask us, as our selection varies depending on availability of woods.

(*Please note that  sand trays and rolling carts  are sold separately*)

As with all of our trays, these have interiors that are proofed and suitable for use with wet sand.  The interior surfaces of these sand trays have been given three coats of marine-grade epoxy for water-tightness, and an additional three coats of marine-grade sky-blue enamel. The combination of these materials is which is highly abrasion resistant and these sand trays will be able to withstand many years of hard use with either wet or dry sand.

The corners of these sand trays are finger-joined, which is one of the most reliable ways to assemble structures like this because it greatly increases the area within the glue joint.  In addition to the use of finger joins, these sand trays all have hardwood pins that run the entire length of each of the corners. This also greatly enhances structural stability and helps to ensure that you will get many years of reliable use from these sand trays.

As with all of our other trays, these sand trays are a standard (Kalffian) interior dimension, as is usually required for therapeutic settings. The interior dimensions are as follows: 28.5” x 19.5” x 3”

The exterior dimensions of these sand trays are approximately 20.75″ x 29.75″ x 3.5″ – this will vary slightly depending on the thickness of the material used – but in every case the interior dimensions of our sand trays are identical and as stated above.

Because we build with re-claimed and previously used wood out selection of trays available frequently changes. Please check with us regarding availability before placing an order – thank you!

A lid is included with each sand tray.

(*Please note that  sand trays and rolling carts  are sold separately*)

Additional information

Weight7.5 kg
Dimensions82 × 56 × 13 cm

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